Why I Write


Tonight the moon reaches fullness in Pisces, the sign of creative flow. It’s also cozy with Neptune, ruler of the arts and all things sacred. I was tagged for this post by Kristen Jett of Her Own Blueprints today, and I thought honoring the creative process would be a perfect way to celebrate!

What am I working on?

Right now, the blog is the central focus of my writing efforts. I am in love with the idea of the blog as a living, breathing art form that’s always in flux. I follow a loose editorial schedule, but I’m making room in my life for a few repeat offenders. I’ll be hopping on the Tarot Tuesday bandwagon next week, sharing my own tips on how to use the cards in your life and business. In Sincerity Sunday, I’ll be sharing personal vignettes that are transparent with a purpose, so you can see how my spiritual practices show up in real time. (Full disclosure: I’d initially planned to start this last month, but decided to shift a few things. Like I said, I keep it loose.)

Even more exciting: I’ll be devoting another column specifically to intuition.

Here are a few titles currently in my queue:

Can Astrology Predict the Future?

Why I Don’t Read Reversals

How to Start a Spiritual Practice

& a still unnamed glossary for New Age lingo. (I mean, what is “energy” anyways?)

I’m also a diarist. Journaling was a practice that nourished my soul long before there were e-courses on how to do it. From my very first plastic Minnie Mouse diary to the red spiral Poppin notebook that I keep now, chronicling my days and feelings keeps me grounded and helps me process my thoughts. More on that in number 3.

Finally, I’m learning how to play lead guitar. It’s not technically writing with pen and paper, but it’s a beautiful way to create story. Listen to Jimmy Page and you’ll hear what I mean.

How does my writing differ from others in its genre?

Through there are so many vibrant blogs and writers that are easily accessible now, I sometimes forget that when I began my metaphysical studies all the writing I found felt either too mystical or too clinical. It’s all well and good to discuss what the Aries midheaven means in theory, but it doesn’t really come to life until you can explain in plain language that someone with this placement is the red hot diva or athlete archetype in their public life. If you distill it down, what’s left is is practicality.

I use that word frequently, yet I know there’s power in it. Everything I write, I write with an eye towards clarity and sharing information you can apply. What’s the point if you can’t use it? Astrology, tarot, and intuition are all practical magic at their core.

Why do I write?

I have a Gemini moon, so writing is instinct to me, coded into my DNA somewhere deep. I love telling the story of how I wrote my first book when I was six. I told the teacher I wanted to be a writer, so she made little books with die-cut construction paper and gave them to me to write in. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Secondly, I’m a verbal processor. Writing helps me make sense of the world, so if a concept or idea feels elusive, I’ll write out my thoughts in order to organize and understand them. Once I’ve worked out the details of my epiphany in this way, I come here to share them with you.

Finally, I write to connect with the sublime. The moment you return to reality after being in total communion with your work is beautiful. Weaving together the perfect set of words, sounds, and images is so satisfying, I’ll never stop chasing it.

In conclusion, I’d like to tag the ever-glittery Paige Zaferiou of Tarot and Tea, my fabulous mentor Hilary Parry, and the trillest of the trill, Theresa Reed a.k.a. The Tarot Lady. You’re it!

The moon is full tonight at 9:38 PM EST. May your writing be inspired and your magic practical.

On Persephone and the Virgo New Moon


Virgo is most readily associated with the “practical”: for a Virgo new moon we hear the typical prescriptions of organizing, color-coding, and deep cleaning.

And yes, Virgo is all of those things. But as my dear friend Paige reminded me this week: she’s so much more than that.

Virgo is Persephone, the goddess of the Underworld, and Queen of the Eleusinian Mysteries (which took place in luscious late summer).

Virgo is the muse that so enraptured Pluto that he stole her from the land of the living.

Virgo is initiation, the beginning of the spiritual quest.

In the tarot, The Hermit carries the energy of Virgo. This is the card of magical study. When The Hermit appears, he’s urging you to pull away from the mundane to focus on your inner journey, and then integrate your spiritual insights when you depart from the mountain.

Ultimately, Virgo is magical.

Why does the spiritual side of Virgo get lost in the fray? I’m not sure. But today’s new moon is calling you to remember her ancient rites and give them their due. With Neptune opposite the new moon, look at how you’re balancing the mystical and practical in your life. Do they have to be separate? In what ways can you bring them into communion?

Really, this is a perfect opportunity for some practical magic.

Not sure what I mean? Of course we know that sugar jars, abundance checks, or mojo bags can give you some extra cosmic oomph. But a strategic planning session where you visualize what you want and how to get it can be just as effective. How does your goal feel, taste, smell, and sound?  Make it tangible. Concrete stuff to bring you closer to your dreams will flourish now.

Why? Because action planet Mars is cozy with Saturn, the builder of foundations. And its happening in Scorpio, another sign that’s both shrewd and intuitive. This is a rare event, so use the next three days to put your magical master plan and put it into action!

Need help cooking up a strategy? I’ll be on Talking Shop this Wednesday chatting with Theresa Reed a.k.a. The Tarot Lady and Bri Saussy on how to use astrology in your biz. If you’re planning a launch, you don’t want to miss this. (Psst… it’s free!)

Here’s to practical magic!

How to Create Your Own Sacred Space


A few weeks ago, I set up a home office.

I’d love to say I made the switch out of excitement or alacrity, but that wouldn’t be true. In fact, the change came from a place of desperation.

I was in the process of transitioning to a new day-job role with more responsibilities and travel requirements, all while keeping up my current position and The Midheaven. On top of that, I’d agreed to rehearsal with a new band for a show later this month.

To say that I’d spread myself too thin was a wild understatement.

The pressure to perform began to wear on me, and as it did, my normally strict boundaries blurred. Since my college dorm days, I’d kept my computer in my bedroom. I never gave it much thought before, but suddenly I found myself poring over emails at an hour when I’d normally be turning in for the night. Other nights I’d obsess about getting to bed early, only to wake up exhausted, or worse, panicked.

Even though I was euphoric about the career opportunities I’d been given, I felt like I was being crushed by my commitments. If I was going to avoid burnout, something had to give.

I’d read that keeping electronics in the bedroom wasn’t a good practice, but previously dismissed the notion as unreasonable. Didn’t everyone keep their iPads at their bedside, refreshing their social media feeds to their heart’s content?

In a purely Hail Mary move, I remembered there was a small spare room in the house that hadn’t been set up yet. I talked to my beloved about it, and we moved my workstation in the very next day.

The energy shift was palpable. My productivity spiked, and I had my best sales month ever. And the icing on the cake? In my bedroom my sleep was more restful, and my dreams more lucid.

What was the difference? I made each place sacred.

By honoring the intention of each room, I was able to keep my personal boundaries in check. This way, I could devote fully to each of my endeavors instead of trying to focus on all of them at once.

I learned that you’ve got to have boundaries in order to create space. 

Another perk of having a sacred space? It signals to the universe that you mean business. Trust me, it’s listening!

If you want to create your own sacred space, don’t feel like you have to set apart a whole room of your house. Clearing off a dresser and turning it into a beautiful altar, or picking out a special cushion for writing can do the trick. Or, take your sacred space with you by carrying a favorite incense or tea with you!

Here’s to boundaries and spaciousness!

Get Lucky: A Tarot Spread for the New Moon in Leo


After 6 months of painfully slow astrology, we finally have a gorgeous new moon that will rev things up for the rest of 2014. The new moon in Leo is always an art and romance flashpoint. But this one’s getting cozy with Jupiter, so you can expect any potential love situations or new creative ventures to take off like roman candles. It’s also getting a square from Mars freshly in Scorpio, which acts as rocket fuel: it’s powerful, but highly combustible. Make sure you stick to a clearly defined strategy and you’ll be golden.

Think of the 6 of Wands in the tarot, riding in the victory parade, self-assured and loving the limelight. Under this new moon, you know your worth and own it. And if you’ve been down on yourself? This new moon is going to reawaken your mojo!

In the spirit of keeping things fresh, I decided to do a tarot spread for all of you this time around! Since Jupiter (the major player here) is the planet of good fortune, my question was:

What can we do to get lucky under the new moon in Leo ?

(Take that how you will. Ahem. After all, Leo is the sign of romance!)

Here’s what I got:

The Fool

If you’ve been considering a bold move, now is the time to make it. Don’t be a shrinking violet. Break with the status quo. Be free, have fun, and don’t be afraid to lose control. Trust yourself. You’ve got this.

2 of Cups

Ah, yes. It’s time to explore a new attraction or embark on a fresh creative project. Whatever it may be, give it your full devotion. Adore your muse. Indulge in the luxury that is falling in love, whether with a partner or with your art.

The Hermit

This card surprised me, because this new moon is all about fun and levity and this card usually means deep inner work in my readings. But who says the two have to be mutually exclusive? Use this energy as an opportunity to explore and meditate on what you truly desire. Hint: Danielle LaPorte can help with this. Get your journals ready!

The new moon is at 8:42 PM EST. Don’t forget to light a candle and write your abundance check!

Cosmic Chat with Emelie Archer Pickett

This month’s guest is Emelie Archer Pickett, totemic shaman and intimacy alchemist. Her website, A Forbidden Life, is a radiant presence in the metaphysical community, offering grounded and uplifting advice from a shamanic perspective. After one of her wonderful Spirit Animal Discovery sessions, I knew I had to share her with you! 

Connect with Emelie on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest


1. What’s your favorite part of your birth chart (if you had to choose)?

I would have to say that my favorite part of my chart (even though it’s hard to look at just one aspect) is Uranus in Scorpio, which falls in my 7th house of partnership and major relationships… it helps me understand why I see my marriage as such a revolutionary act – a new way of being in committed partnership… We transcend social programming about what marriage can look and feel like. I especially resonate with this placement when combined with its trine to Mercury in my 11th house… To communicate about my way of loving is an act of service to my wider community: our love becomes a mission on behalf of everyone we touch! The fact that these energies dance between the archetypes of shaman and mystic (scorpio and pisces) support my life’s work so much… I feel like revolutionary transformation of love through shamanic work could not be a better description of who I am and why I exist. It’s so empowering to see this written in my stars…

2. Is there a part of your chart that you find particularly challenging? If so, how do you make it work it to your benefit?

I’ve always had a really hard time relating to my Aries sun sign… I never felt like an Aries growing up and would always resonate more with Taurus astrology readings because I knew I was due on April 22nd. Now, with a more thorough understanding of my chart, I can see why the Aries sun was such a challenge for me! As a child and young adult, I couldn’t yet see myself through my own eyes, I could only see what others reflected back to me about who I was… and to them, I seemed like a Taurus because that’s my rising sign! Even though this was NEVER communicated to me or even understood at a conscious level – I can see now that this was happening. Ahhhh…. it all makes so much more sense to me now! I think Aries was also an initial challenge for me because it’s in the 12th house of my unconscious; it was like my own self-identity was a hidden reality until I learned to explore the depths of my consciousness… And there, in shamanic work, I did indeed find myself. And now – I SEE and feel the Aries fire in myself. There are a lot of other influences that help balance out that energy so I still don’t feel like many other Aries I know… but that energy is definitely with me and helps spark a huge creative force.

3. You have a dynamic Grand Fire Trine with the Sun, Neptune, & a heavy-hitting Mars – Jupiter- North Node conjunction all in on the action. That’s a lot of power! How do you see this alignment playing out in your life?

I am only now seeing the power of this alignment coming to fruition. When I was younger, I self-suppressed so much of my own vision because I didn’t feel safe being 100% myself. I now realize that the very uncomfortable process of awakening to this intuitive firepower was an incredibly important part of my journey… Being able to articulate my path from safety-seeking good girl to practicing contemporary shaman is one of the reasons so many modern women are drawn to me and my work. I also believe the placement of this trine in my chart is critical to how this power gets expressed through me… Mars is in Leo (4th house), bringing playfulness, assertiveness, and performance and helping call in my ancestral roots; Neptune is in Sagittarius (8th house), which encourages me to function intuitively and ditch logic as I explore the shamanic forces of sex and death as transformation agents; and Sun is in Aries (12th house), helping me feel at home and not lose myself in the unconscious and subconscious worlds. All of this speaks to the shamanic path I embarked upon four years ago… and now this power is expressed in my work – where I make shamanic practices safe, fun, and approachable for anyone in the modern world. We do not all need to go off the grid and disappear from society in order to find ourselves! It’s crucial to be able to function and thrive in our modern world if we want to change the dominant paradigms… I help facilitate the paradigm shift through play, nature connection (through animal totem discovery), and facilitating authentic communication so people can fully express themselves sexually, professionally, as caregivers, and in all aspects of their lives. To turn the tide, we must be the tide. It starts with one person living an authentic life and ripples outward from there.

4. In the Wild Playground, students have the opportunity to discover their twelve archetypal power totems as a way to move into deeper relationship with their wild soul. Do these twelve totems align with the astrological zodiac, and if so, how?

Yes! The twelve archetypal power totems correspond DIRECTLY with the 12 zodiac signs, which gives the chart a whole different level of depth and meaning! The zodiac is such an amazing tool for understanding our psyche, path of purpose and personality. But, for MANY people it feels like a foreign language, and they can’t get past predictive sun sign astrology… it’s like learning to say “hello, how are you? My name is…” in a new language. It’s a start, but it’s not going to bring you an immersive experience into another culture. This is what it’s like to say “If you’re an Aries, today will bring you…” You won’t be able to harness the self-discovery power of the Zodiac until you learn to connect with all of your chart. The animals bring fluency, groundedness, and soul-connection to astrology… by figuring out your personal Archetypal power totems and pairing them to your birth chart – you gain incredible insight into your soul, psyche, and energy field (because the chakras are intimately connected to all of this too…). I teach exactly how each animal is connected with the signs in your chart, your chakras, and personality archetypes in the Wild Playground. It’s such exciting, powerful, and FUN work. The emphasis is on play (part of that Leo energy, where my Fox totem lives). We connect with animal medicine because we ARE animals… it brings our stars back to earth. The zodiac then becomes a tool not just for self-discovery, but for re-establishing a healthy ecosystem in which humans are an integral part.

5. What role does astrology play in your spiritual practice?

As you can tell, it plays a huge part! It helps me understand the various initiatory experiences I’ve been through and reminds me to pay more attention to my personal rhythms. How do the planetary movements influence my body, mind, and soul? I’ve learned to watch for emotional fluxes and note patterns so that I’m not taken by complete surprise when a retrograde or lunar phase throws me for a loop. Astrology has helped me deepen into my totemic practices immensely and has provided me a platform on which to share this knowledge… which feels soooo spiritually nourishing. There is nothing that feels better than creating work and a lifestyle that supports and fuels spiritual growth! Thanks in part to my stars, I understand what authenticity is for me and how to live it.

Want to discover your 12 totems and connect with your soul tribe? Join the waiting list for the Wild Playground Totemic Arts Apprenticeship and get notified as soon as registration opens! I can’t wait for this to go live. 

4 Reasons to LOVE the New Moon in Cancer


While you were sleeping, the moon renewed herself in Cancer.

There’s plenty of reasons to adore new moons: they’re packed with cosmic nourishment and always feel so refreshing. But this one is special.

Here are 4 reasons to LOVE today’s new moon in Cancer:

1. The Moon loves to be in Cancer.

The moon is ruled by Cancer, so she’s comfortable there. When these energies come together, your connection to your inner self is amplified: you can channel your animal instincts and embrace the ability to feel your way in the world. You may feel more emotional than normal today. That’s good! Let those feelings flow. The moon and Cancer are also associated with home and history, so don’t be surprised if you’re struck by a sudden desire to nest! Now would be a great time to add a sacred space to your home, like an altar or meditation nook.

2. This new moon is making a trine to Neptune, the psychic planet.

Be on the lookout for vivid dreams, because they may have information for you. A solution to an emotional conundrum that’s been plaguing you since December could pop up from your subconscious, or you may be able to lucid dream. Prophetic dreams are another possibility, so if you don’t already have a dream journal, what are you waiting for?! Intuition is also heightened in waking life, so the next three days are an amazing opportunity for divination using stars, cards, bones, runes, or whatever suits you.

3. Throughout the day, the moon is going to get lots of positive action from other planets.

Later this morning, the moon is moving into a harmonious triangle formation (called a Grand Trine) with Chiron (the “wounded healer”) and Saturn (the “karmic teacher”). All the planets are in water signs, so this is about your emotions. It’s a chance to work out a difficult relationship situation or otherwise surrender to whatever lesson life has been trying to teach you. Drink up the nourishing water energy of this trine by committing to self-care for the next three days. Recharge your batteries with yoga, one more hour of sleep each night, alone time, or whatever else feels good to you.

4. New moons are new beginnings.

At the moment of the new moon, the universe hits the cosmic reset button on your life. In the two weeks between now and the next full moon, you have a chance to start over and bring something totally new to fruition. Do you want to make more money? Start a new fitness routine? Launch a new creative project? Try writing an abundance check to draw in the object of your desire. Only one caveat: wait to start anything huge until after Mercury goes direct next Tuesday (July 1). Then you’ll be clear to start taking concrete steps towards your goal.

Ready to map out your new beginning? Book an astrology or tarot reading and I’ll help you strategize! We can talk about career, money, love, and whatever else needs renewing in your life.

Remember that rates go up on July 7! Happy full moon and cosmic love! XX

Making Space, Or Why I’m Raising My Rates


Hello beautiful people!

2014 has been an incredible year at The Midheaven so far, and we’re only halfway done. I can hardly believe it! Most of all, it’s been an absolute delight helping my clients plan successful business launches, make long-reaching career decisions, and achieve positive change in their relationships. Watching them deepen their spiritual practices and learn to trust their intuition through our work together is just icing on the cake!

That’s why I’ve begun creating my very first course. It’s a multimedia program and online resource for people who want to learn the basics of practical astrology AND have fun while doing it. There will be video. And worksheets. And lots of a-ha moments. When I say I can’t wait to share it with you, that may be the understatement of the year. Look for it this fall, and subscribe to my insider mailing list to keep up with the progress!

As I allow this new project to incubate, I’ve got to make space for it to expand. So, I’m changing a few things:

Effective July 7, the price of email readings for both astrology and tarot are going up.

Why? So I can provide the same depth and detail in your readings while developing new tools to help you grow.

Tarot email readings will be $30.00. From now on, they’ll include a complimentary astro-tip to help you get your cosmic bearings!

Astrology email readings will be $55.00. It’s the same down-to-earth stellar scoop, written with love, right when you need it.

For each, you’ll get the answer to one burning question sent straight to your inbox within 2-3 business days.

But that’s not all!


Starting July 7 you’ll be able to book a Skype consult for both astrology and tarot. That’s right. You and me, face-to-face, illuminating your destiny across cities or even continents. I’m so excited!

Tarot Skype consults will be $55.00 and last 45 minutes.

Astrology Skype consults will be $75.00 and last 1 hour.

As for full birth chart readings? They’re going off the grid while I turn them into an even more unique, intimate , and in-depth experience. My insider mailing list will be the first to know about the new birth chart readings when they return.

To top it all off, I’ll be offering a limited-edition astrology reading called Master Your Midheaven. You’ll receive a PDF detailing your Midheaven sign and how to use it to maximize your business mojo. If you’re an aspiring #GIRLBOSS, you need to know this like the back of your hand. This sign is your key to career success and satisfaction. The remainder of 2014 is astrologically perfect for a launch, so get yourself in gear and master your midheaven!!!

Master Your Midheaven readings will be $75.00 and there are only 10 spots available, so you’ll have to be quick!

On a budget? You can still purchase at the current rate anytime before the price increase goes live.

In short: fresh email readings, Skype consults, and Master Your Midheaven are all yours July 7. Hell yeah!

If you are reading this, thank you for allowing me to divine and write for you. I’m truly blessed with the best clients, readers, and mentors a girl could ask for.

If you have any questions about the changes, send me an email (midheavenastro@gmail.com) and we’ll chat.

Cosmic love! XX

Image credit: Death to Stock Photography

Cosmic Chat with Courtney Weber

This month’s guest is Courtney Weber, a Wiccan priestess, writer, and tarot adviser living in New York City. She’s the creatrix of the fascinating Tarot of the Boroughs deck, and her book, Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick of the Celtic Goddess, will be released by Weisier this February.

She’s also an advocate: most recently, she’s been fighting for eco-justice by rallying against fracking and gathering signatures in support of wind power to send to Governor Cuomo. And, on top of all that, she is a fabulous breakfast partner: I had the pleasure of meeting her in person just a few weeks ago, and was struck by her kind spirit and quick wit. Does this woman ever stop!? Let’s hope not! 

You can find her at The Coco Witch and chat with her on Twitter.

Courtney Jacket 1 final

 Image courtesy of Rebekah Carmichael

1. What’s your favorite part of your birth chart (if you had to choose?)

My Sun, Moon, and Rising crack me up. Sun Sign: Cancer. Moon Sign: Scorpio. Rising: Libra. I spend my life trying to balance all things and make sure all people get along—that’s the Libra. Sun Sign Cancer means I put the most friendly, comforting face forward to all the world. But my Moon Sign, Scorpio, means I desperately want to Rule Them All. Having the pinchers of the Crab and the stinger of the Scorpion also means that once I grab a hold of something, particularly a challenging something, means there’s no stopping how many times I’ll stab-sting it until I conquer it. But the Libra Rising means I’ll do the conquer thing with the utmost diplomacy. My second favorite thing might be the Mercury in Gemini—it makes me a pretty efficient communicator.

2. Is there a part of your chart that you find particularly challenging? If so, how do you make it work to your benefit?

I’ve had a lot of struggle with my Mars in Gemini. It makes it hard for me to focus on one specific thing to undertake. I think I have to spend more time asking myself if how I’m spending my time is truly in line with my highest endeavors as I think I get off-track more easily than the average person. A Mars in Gemini also means I can use my words to hurt—as more than one ex would probably attest. Mars in Gemini is serious fodder for using words as weapons. I have to make a conscious effort not to use that weapon during minor interpersonal conflict. It’s about as necessary using a bazooka on a mole-hill. I try to save that Mars in Gemini when I need to drive a point across in regards to my activist endeavors.

3. Next month, lucky Jupiter will cross over your Midheaven. What part of your work are you most excited to see expand and grow in the coming year?

My first book, for one! “Brigid: History, Mystery, and Magick” will be released by Weiser in February, but I am working on the promotions, now. I’ve just finished teaching a series of classes and so I’ll have a little more time to find places to read the book and work on fundraising for the tour. I’m also coordinating a major letter-writing campaign to Governor Cuomo urging more permits for upstate and off-shore wind power in New York State. This is an important time to call attention to the work as it’s an election year and he’d very much like to keep his job, I do believe! A bit of Jupiter for me, a bit of Jupiter for my community. Keep it in balance, like a good Libra-Rising!

4. How does your knowledge of astrology inform your work as a Wiccan priestess?

In the fishbowl that is NYC, experiences are contagious. The Mars Retrograde of this past spring exposed raw nerves and revealed hidden enemies to people. When the planets are playing extreme sports with the People of Earth, it’s easy for individuals (at least, in my community) to wonder if the Gods are punishing them, or if they’ve “done something bad” either in this life time or a previous one to incite so much drama and stress in their lives. Having a good, solid basis of Astrology and being able to provide some sort of planetary explanation as to why things might be extra-challenging is helpful to people in navigating their troubles. It also allows for a sense of impermanence. If struggles can at least be partially explained by Astrology, it’s a helpful reminder that there will be an end to the troubles—one day.

5. What part does astrology play in your personal practices, both everyday and spiritual?

I don’t yet do daily or even weekly readings. My partner and I keep an Astrology calendar in our kitchen and monitor the transits. I pay attention to transits when doing my Full and New Moon rituals. I am pulling another example from this past Mars Retrograde, but it was so powerful and so recent it’s a prime example! One of the things I noticed during the Mars Retrograde was that nasty closet-skeletons of previously popular or seemingly trustworthy people came flying out into the public eye. When the Full Moon in April came about, I infused a number of candles with “Uncovering” energy, so that if at another time in the year if I wanted to help uncover a hidden culprit, I could draw from that Mars-Ret-Expose time. A few weeks later, the horrendous story of the Nigerian girls’ kidnapping came to light. I lit one of those candles to aid in finding them. I don’t know how much my energy helped, but I believe it was one more drop of world-wide intention to find the girls. I still have some of those candles and I keep them handy in case any other problems come popping up!

Are you stuck while trying to make a big decision? Book at a Tarot reading with Courtney! I love her email readings- they’ve got a down-to-earth perspective and offer practical wisdom when you need it.

How Your Rising Sign Can Help You Dress for Success

If you’ve found your way here, it’s a safe bet that you already know your sun sign.

But how many of your know your rising sign?

When I started to explore astrology’s deeper levels, this was one of my favorite discoveries. Your rising sign (also called the ascendant) is the constellation that was on the horizon at the time of your birth. If your sun sign is your soul’s mission, then your rising sign is how your show up in the world to accomplish it. This is your natural state and proverbial happy place. When you’re working your ascendant, you’re in your element.

It’s like this: the horoscope is divided up into 12 sections, called houses. Each house corresponds to a part of your external life: love, money, career, etc. The first house is all about identity, and tells you what impression you make on the others. It’s typically the one people pick up on the most, and the first guess when people play “name your sign”.

For years, knowing my rising sign has been my secret weapon.

If you already know what image you project to others, then you can work it to your benefit. You tend to look your best when you incorporate aspects of your ascendant into your appearance, consciously or unconsciously. I swear it works wonders.

Want to find your rising sign? Enter your birth details into this handy calculator at astro.com.

Ready to give a try? Here are a few basic descriptions of each rising sign to get you started:

ARIES: You’re always fired-up and ready-to-go, so travel and work-out ready outfits are a must. The sign of the warrior, you’re passionate, driven, fiery, and confident. Your pioneering (and at times rebellious) attitude shows though in your personal style, making you a trendsetter among your circles. Bonus points for wearing red.


TAURUS: Ruled by love goddess Venus, your sign is well-known for it’s sensual tastes. You’re grounded and hardworking, but you’re also not afraid to spend some of your hard-earned cash on something luxurious. Odds are good you’ve got more than a few investment pieces in your closet. Bonus points for pastels and florals (both prints and fragrances).


GEMINI: Your quick-witted sign is probably more focused on your next big idea than your wardrobe, but no matter: the ingenue look works for you. Your magpie tendencies draw you towards electric colors and kitschy accessories, but you pull them off with ease. Bonus points if you wear glasses.


CANCER: Ruled by the moon, you’re highly sensitive to the world around you. You use your wardrobe as a means of comfort, reveling in soft fabrics and cozy knits. You want the things you adorn yourself with to feel nourishing. Wearing white, silver, and pearls gives you a beautiful moonlit glow. Bonus points if an infinity scarf is your go to accessory.


LEO: You’re the zodiac’s performer, and you feel most at home in the spotlight. Much like your personality, your wardrobe is flashy, brave, and at times extravagant: vibrant colors and gold jewelry are your favorites. You can work outfits with grace that would make other signs blush. Bonus points for leopard print.


VIRGO: Your sign is known for it’s perfectionist tendencies, and your appearance is no exception. Prim-and-proper is your calling card, and your ensembles are always perfectly matched. Also, your self-care practice is next level. Bonus points for channeling your inner Parisienne every time you leave the house.


LIBRA: You’re a paragon of elegance. Also ruled by Venus, your tastes are charming and refined. You steer clear of any radical trends that offend your innate senses of balance and harmony, preferring a classic movie siren look over a Lady Gaga wig any day. Bonus points for fabulous sunglasses.


SCORPIO: You’re sultry, mysterious, and give off some serious witchy vibes.  You wear a strict color palette of blood red and black, and probably look like either a rock star or a vampire. But really, it’s not so much the clothes you’re wearing as your animal magnetism. Seriously, your very aura is magical. Bonus points for leather.


SAGITTARIUS: You’re the zodiac’s bohemian, favoring flowing dresses. silk scarves, and boots over… well… anything else. You look like you’re ready to jet off to some fabulous location at a moment’s notice, and your accessories are likely to consist exclusively of pieces you’ve picked up at and antique shops and on holiday. Bonus points for turquoise jewelry.


CAPRICORN: Your style motto? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Classic slacks-and-button-down ensembles, a little black dress, and an amazing pair of jeans are all you need in your closet to survive. Whatever you choose, you’re the empire-builder, and you exude power. You may even have your own sort of “uniform” so you don’t have to make the petty decision of what to wear on a daily basis. Bonus points for nautical stripes.


AQUARIUS: You’re a revolutionary at heart, and your style expresses your visionary outlook. Sleek, clean, and even futuristic, your style is an extension of your grand plan. Your wardrobe may be the most eclectic of all, housing everything from crisp all-white suits to music-festival regalia. Bonus points for crystal jewelry… or no jewelry at all.


PISCES: As the artist of the zodiac, your style is as dreamy as you are. Others identify you by your far-off expression, as if you’re picking up some sort of divine message or inspiration directly from the muse at any given moment. Your look is, in a word, romantic: you seem to exude an otherwordly quality that people can’t place. Bonus points for flowers in your hair.


Of course, rising signs are not “one size fits all”. If these descriptions don’t resonate for you, try incorporating other parts of your birth chart into your look. Or, you can mix and match! Usually you’ll get the best results by weaving together aspects of your ascendant, sun, moon, and Venus signs.

For example: how does my Sagittarius rising blend with a Scorpio sun and Venus in Virgo?

Wearing black is my religion, but I always add bohemian touches (scarves are my Achilles heel, especially ones I’ve acquired during travels) and most days I let my hair go wavy. Most importantly, I never leave the house without perfume because it makes me feel polished. I’m still working on incorporating my Gemini moon though! Maybe I should wear my glasses more often…

How will you channel your rising sign? If you want more astrological inspiration, check out my zodiac-inspired mood boards on Pinterest!

Don’t Call Me Woo: Why You Should Take the Sacred Arts Seriously


Earlier this week I added The Midheaven to my resume.

That’s right. My real-life, big-girl, professional resume. Because I take what I do here seriously.

Over the years, I’ve heard many people refer to astrology and tarot as “woo-woo”. I’m not trying to pretend that this work isn’t on the fringe. There are people out there who still view it as occult or taboo. But it’s not just outsiders that are the culprit: intuitive readers and modern mystics often use the phrase to describe themselves.

Why does this matter? Because when we call each other “woo-woo”, it’s a concession to cultural standards that say what we do is invalid, when that couldn’t be further from the truth. The tradition of consulting oracles for guidance is ancient, and as any practitioner knows, the results can be profound.

When we refer to the intuitive arts as “woo”, we diminish the incredible value they offer to the people we serve.

Doctors, lawyers, or teachers aren’t ashamed of the tools of their trade, so why should we be? Contributing to this sort of rhetoric only perpetuates the social stigma of intuition as somehow untrustworthy, when in fact it can be healing, revealing, and empowering.

I want to see more intuitive workers owning their profession. There’s no reason we should hide what we do when tarot cards are in the pages of Vogue and Buzzfeed writers are having their birth charts read. If anything, the fact that the mystical is having a moment is all the more reason to step out and be proud of your art!

Of course, there will always be naysayers, critics, and skeptics. But if we don’t take the sacred arts seriously, no one else will.

Let’s stop apologizing for the benefits we offer society. Whether you’re an astrologer, tarot reader, rootworker, or reiki master, be confident in your craft. And whatever you do…

Don’t call me woo.