Magical Miscellany: 11.16.2014


I took this picture very early in the morning en route to the Soulful Proprietor retreat. What an exquisite sunrise!

Quitting your job? Don’t be dumb.

The human tragedy, according to Sylvia Plath. (I adore this quote.)

Full disclosure: this piece by Alexandra Franzen on the power of words and true love made me misty. You’ve been warned.

This list of cultural icons and their favorite books is intriguing.

Astrology can be so damn sexist.

Buy experiences, not things.

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Magical Miscellany: 11.09.2014


This has been a common occurrence at my home these days. One of the many reasons why autumn is my favorite season!

Are you a spiritual mean girl?

What are you devoted to creating in the new year? (A worksheet.)

The Tarot Lady’s super simple spread for strategy is marvelous.

The Astrotwins’ online forecasts were some of the first horoscopes I ever read! Garance Doré recently interviewed them about what it’s like to be a professional astrologer, and the result is fascinating.

You know how much I love Jimmy Page, right? And you know how much I love magic? That said, I absolutely cannot wait to read this book.

This longread from The Toast on women’s intuition and men behaving badly is delightful.


Sincerity Sunday: The Soulful Proprietor Retreat


Two weeks, ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Soul Proprietor retreat, a business mastermind event for spiritual outlaws hosted by tarot badass Theresa Reed (a.k.a. The Tarot Lady). The two night, three day affair featured teachings from some of the best in the metaphysical biz, all focused on how we could improve our work as soulful entrepreneurs.

The fact that it was in a haunted mansion on Lake Michigan? Just icing on the cake.

The leaves were neon reds and yellows, and the whole thing felt like a girls camp, but with wine. It was lush, relaxing, and I must say: there’s nothing like spending quality time with people you admire. I left feeling full- of ideas, determination, + love.

Here are a few lessons that I learned at the Soulful Proprietor retreat (in no particular order):

Everyone is beautiful, and no one is perfect.

During this trip, I had the honor + pleasure of meeting twenty incredible women, many of which I had known online or admired from a distance prior to our face time. This was my first business event and I was, admittedly, anxious about what it would be like to meet everyone in person. Would I measure up?

It’s easy to idolize someone when all you see of their life is a glossy headshot and impressive follower list. But what I found was, in reality, these things don’t mean as much as they feel like they do. What does matter is kindness, generosity, and devotion- all of which these women had in spades. We were witnessed, truly served, and downright pampered, and I was lucky to be in the presence of so many creative + classy people!

The most successful person in the room? They’re probably the most reserved.

They wait until the appropriate time to speak because they aren’t trying to prove anything. Above all, they’re secure in their personal power.

Alex Franzen shared a lovely African proverb that said, “Only speak if what you are about to say is more beautiful than silence.” As a glib Gemini moon, I took the idea of intentional communication to heart, and deeply appreciated seeing it demonstrated by such talented ladies. Silence can be as powerful as speaking.

That said…

Don’t be too polite to ask questions.

After one of the workshops, I was still stuck on something I was writing. I knew I need to ask the instructor for help, but I didn’t want to bother them- after all, they’d already done so much. But finishing that small piece of writing was part of my reason for coming to the retreat in the first place, so I decided I would go ahead and ask for a little TLC after the class. If I hadn’t asked, I wouldn’t have had one of my biggest epiphanies of the weekend!

Be respectful, but don’t be afraid to ask. Go for it, graciously. It’s worth it.

There is deep value in listening and simply being present.

Everyone has something magnificent to offer.

Always take a direct flight. Especially during Mercury Retrograde.

You don’t want to be the girl running through Chicago O’Hare with the broken suitcase… oh wait, that was me.

Have the courage to do what feels right, even if it seems crazy.

The decision to go on this retreat was, at best, spontaneous. At the time tickets went on sale last year, I couldn’t buy one. But as the event drew closer, I couldn’t shake the idea that I desperately wanted to be there. Things had changed, I was in a much better place, and I had no plans for that weekend.

That Wednesday, on a whim, I emailed Theresa to ask if anyone had dropped out. The same morning, someone had. I snapped up the ticket and bought a flight immediately. That Friday, I was on a plane to Wisconsin, and that afternoon, I was taking over Starbucks with a few of my online besties.

When we arrived at DeKoven Center, we all pulled a stone from a bag with a word inscribed on it. Mine was courage. It couldn’t have been more accurate. It felt crazy booking the trip on such short notice, but I knew I had to go. The women at the retreat taught me how to be brave in new and amazing ways. My fellow mystical entrepreneurs and soul sisters inspired me with their stories. I’m so glad I booked that ticket, and grateful to be a part of such a wonderful community.

(Plus, that juicy swag bag didn’t hurt.)

Can’t wait to share all my new ideas with you! I’ve got big things coming up in 2015.

Here’s to courage + community! XX

#StarsAndCards Roundup: A Sneak Peek!


Happy Halloween!

Earlier this month, I started an Instagram series (called #StarsAndCards) to explain the astrology behind all 78 tarot cards. Every day I posted one card, its astrological counterpart, and how you can use that connection in your own readings.

It’s been on hiatus for a few weeks (thanks to lots of travel and one lovely retreat hosted by none other than Theresa Reed!), but I’m bringing it back just in time for the most magical day of the year.

Curious about playing along? Here’s a sneak peek!

The Fool (0)

Corresponds to Uranus. These two share a penchant for rebellion. They’re future-oriented + herald a fresh (if abrupt) start. When this card comes up, think about your big vision + how to make your work as original as possible. Check out your own Uranus sign for ideas. For example, someone with Uranus in Scorpio may want to do some deep reflection + hone their intuition as they move ahead.

The Magician (I)

Corresponds to Mercury. They’re both about how you can turn your thoughts into reality. It’s manifestation, plain + simple. If this card shows up in your reading, look to where Mercury is in your chart or by transit for a clue on how to turn your dreams into reality.Someone with Mercury in Aries would benefit from a fiery, direct approach, while a Mercury in Taurus person would do better going slow + steady.

The High Priestess (II)

Corresponds to the beautiful Lady Luna. Like the moon, she is Artemis, Hekate, and Isis, filled with magic + mystery. Both are a signal to listen to your intuition, pay attention to your instincts, and nurture yourself. Not sure what the right form of self-care is for you? Check out your moon sign! Moon in Gemini people need mental stimulation in order to relax. Others, like the Pisces Moon, need a spiritual connection to feel comforted.

The Empress (III)

Corresponds to Venus, the zodiac’s love goddess. She + Venus encourage you think about love, beauty, and what you value. When this card comes up it can be a signal to pamper yourself, or to get in touch with your inner muse. Connect with your inner love goddess/muse by doing your Venus sign. Venus in Virgo types need simple elegance while Venus in Leo people want flash + extravagance.

The Emperor (IV)

Corresponds to Aries. Like his martial counterpart, he’s dressed in armor + armed with the symbols of authority. Both represent a call to step into your personal power! When The Emperor comes up and your aren’t feeling particularly confident, look to your Mars sign for inspiration. A Mars in Capricorn person may be bolstered by achievement, but a Mars in Pisces needs a creative outlet in order to feel powerful.

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Don’t forget- I love hearing from you! Feel free to post any questions. I’ve been known to share a quick astro tip from time to time…

Blessed Dia de los Muertos, and cosmic love! XX

Start Now, & Start With Beauty: Scorpio Solar Eclipse 2014


When was the last time you took a moment to appreciate beauty?

Perhaps it’s been a while. Perhaps you don’t even remember. That’s okay.

After an astrologically difficult year, no one could blame you.

It’s been tough. 2014 opened with what felt like retrograde after retrograde, with Venus challenging you to change the way you approach relationships, and Mars forcing you to adopt a slow and steady pace. Until July, you mulled over your big vision behind the scenes, letting it percolate and stew.

And finally, progress, and not a minute too soon. Plans shot forward at dizzying speeds, and visions sprang to life. That is, until this month.

The lunar eclipse on October 8 tested your foundations with surprise messages and unexpected turns. Any squeaky wheels that failed to pass the cosmic inspection were tossed out to the junkyard.

How are you feeling?

Are you missing any parts?

Today’s solar eclipse, which reaches its fullness exactly on top of Venus, is like inhaling a beautiful scent. Can you smell it? It’s rosy and fresh, reminding you that there is still beauty in the world, and that beauty matters.

One of my most beloved quotes comes from Anais Nin. She says: “Luxury is not a necessity to me, but beautiful and good things are.” The eclipse reminds us that beauty is a necessity, and that lovely things can be as nourishing as food and shelter.

Under the new moon’s warm rays, open yourself to love, creativity, connection, and intimacy in whatever form feels best to you. Watch a visually stunning movie. Eat exquisite food. Get sensual inside and outside of the bedroom. Allow the siren song of a brand new idea to lure you in.

The eclipse is also in close quarters with asteroid Pallas Athena, keeper of creative intelligence and personal power. Combined with the energy of Venus, this reminds me of the 9 of Pentacles in the Tarot.

A woman who knows her value,

Who embraces her authority.

A fully bloomed woman.

The eclipse takes place in Scorpio, the sign of transformation and rebirth. If this year has been for you a cocoon of sorts (and I suspect it has), this eclipse will be the moment you emerge. You are not who you were in January, you are not who you were yesterday.

You are something totally new. You are beautiful. You are fully bloomed.

Of course, I’d be in remiss if I didn’t remind you that new moons are new beginnings, and that any new projects you want to start will get a delicious dose of good vibes from this eclipse.

If you need help planning your new beginning, book an astrology consult and we’ll work together to make it beautiful.

Start now, and start with beauty.

Happy solar eclipse, and cosmic love!

Cards in the image are from the Cosmic Tarot. Pictured: The Empress (Venus), Death  (Scorpio), and 9 of Pentacles.

Sincerity Sunday: Mercury Retrograde is NOT an Excuse


How do you approach Mercury Retrograde?

Do you clear your schedule, cowering at home with a cup of hot tea until the cosmic weather clears? (See above.)

Do you become paranoid, afraid the vague email you received from your boss is a certain indicator that you’ll be jobless within a week?

Or, do you go about business as usual, brazenly signing documents and making new travel plans despite the ubiquitous warnings?

For the record, I don’t endorse any of these methods.

As a professional astrologer, I’ve had more than my share of queries regarding how to deal with Mercury’s retrograde phase. After listening to this conversation for years, I’ve come to decide that on the whole, our community’s relationship to this transit is unhealthy… even my own.

If you’re not privy to the cosmic lingo yet, here’s the skinny: when Mercury retrogrades, the planet appears to be moving backwards in its orbit.

Astrologically speaking, it’s a total Communication Breakdown (couldn’t resist a good Zeppelin reference!). Signals get crossed in conversations, computers and vehicles go haywire, travel plans fall through, and Murphy’s law is the order of the day.

Best mystical practices say it’s possible to circumvent the negative effects of Mercury Rx (shorthand for retrograde) by doing activities that start with the prefix re-. Revise, review, renew, replenish, you get the idea. Taking a spiritual approach is the best plan of attack with this transit, but that doesn’t change the fact that Mercury has a reputation for being a Trickster. There’s no real way to fully escape the awkward nature of this period.

As with most things in my life, I plan ahead as much possible. Mercury Rx is no exception. I created specific game plan with tasks that I could do during the transit to makeover my blog and refresh my brand. But when it came to day-to-day activities, I was still stuck in fear mode.

Would starting that big project during the retrograde lead to dissatisfaction with the finished product?

Would calling a new primary care physician lead to a bad relationship with that service provider in the future?

Would trying that new recipe during Mercury Rx mean I ‘d end up hating it afterwards?

In an act of desperation, I turned to my ever-practical beloved for advice. He told me,

“You’ve got to live your life. Mercury retrograde is not an excuse.”

This made me think: how much of our fear of Mercury retrograde is rooted in personal insecurities and fear of failure? Starting a project, making a doctor’s appointment, or even trying a new food are absolutely necessary, and we shouldn’t consider putting them of due to some silly astrological transit. It’s natural to be wary of the unknown and nervous about starting, but don’t let Mercury Rx be an excuse for procrastination.

Instead of operating from fear, use your astrology know-how to your advantage! Start working on your big idea, but don’t go public with it until after Mercury goes direct. Schedule that doctor’s appointment, but make sure you put it in your Google calendar and keep copies of all the documents you might need. And try a fresh recipe if you want! Mercury Rx is a great time to think outside the box and try something outside your routine. Put a positive spin on things, and you’ll get much better results, I promise.

Let me be clear: the astrological prescriptions are there for a reason. Doing something new during Mercury Rx, or any other tough transit for that matter, may make it more difficult, but you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do. Don’t put it off. Trust in the infinite that your timing will be perfect, regardless of the cosmic weather.

If you need to do something, do it. The universe WILL support you.

Here’s to a happy and productive Mercury Rx!

11 Things to Do When the Moon is in Aries


This morning at 6:51 AM, the moon reached her fullness in Aries. If you were lucky, you were able to see the brilliant white of the full moon turn blood red in a total lunar eclipse.

What does that mean for you?

In astrology, lunar eclipses are like supercharged full moons. They bring epiphanies, sweeping changes, and completions which will affect your life for the next six months. Synchronicities abound during eclipse season, so pay attention. If you think the universe is trying to tell you something, it probably is.

Add fierce, pioneering Aries energy to the mix and you’ve got a recipe for fast and furious transformation!

If you want to make the most of this lunar eclipse, make sure to add these things to your to-do list this week:


This full moon is on top of wild card Uranus, so don’t be surprised if you feel a sudden urge to shake up your usual routine. Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater yet, as Mercury Retrograde may cause you to miss important details if you act now. But DO allow yourself time for small acts of rebellion, or laying the groundwork for a future coup. Be weird. Go with the flow. Let your freak flag fly!


The full moon + Uranus is square Pluto, the planet of death and rebirth. This aspect will shake the foundations of the houses it transits in your chart, and whatever’s not strong will likely fall away. Be comforted by the fact that destruction is a necessary prerequisite for creation. Something beautiful is about to be born.


This moon also sets off a Grand Fire Trine with Mars in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Leo. Trines are delicious aspects that act as a portal for new opportunities. With the fire energy in play, that means something’s going to manifest pretty quickly. Whatever it is, it’s going to expand what you believe to be possible and open you up to more generosity, both with others and yourself. Here’s to that!

Loving the fiery vibe? Here are a few more ideas for your Moon in Aries checklist:

Compete. Aries rules competition, so Moon in Aries is a perfect time for some healthy competition and debate, whether physical, artistic, or intellectual.

Invent. As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries loves being the first to come up with new ideas. Moon in Aries is a great time for brainstorming!

Move your body. Aries also rules the physical body, so exercise and dance are both productive and nourishing under this moon.

Adorn your head. You guessed it! Aries rules the head too, so getting a head massage and/or a trying a new hairstyle or accessory are lovely Moon in Aries activities.

Protect yourself. Aries is warrior sign, so now is a great time to make sure you’re protecting yourself in both the material and spiritual realms. Bri Saussy wrote a wonderful piece on this!

Take a stand. Aries thrives on decisive action, so the Aries moon can help you get clear on how you feel about important issues in your life.

Embrace your authority. Channel Queen Bey and let everyone else know they can “Bow down, bitches!” (Full disclosure: Flawless may be my favorite song right now.)

Finally, and most importantly, the Aries moon is calling you to…


Aries is the starting point for the whole zodiac. If you never start, nothing happens. If you’ve been mulling over a new project, stop thinking about it and take action. Starting is a powerful act. You can do it.

Happy lunar eclipse and cosmic love!

PS- Still feeling nervous about the eclipse vibe? These 3 mantras will help you stay sane.


Magical Miscellany: 9.24.14


It’s back! I’m reviving my link love for the modern mystic, because there’s just too much goodness in the world not to share.

Did you know you could balance an egg at the moment of an equinox? Fascinating!

Know where you’re headed.

We all want riches, wealth, and success. But what’s the difference?

We use magic to make magick.

8 fascinating secret societies and bohemian clubs. Yes, please!

How to create your own Circle of Seven. I had so much fun with this. Amy Poehler, Jimmy Page, Stanley Kubrick, and Nicki Minaj are in mine, just to name a few.

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Calling All Instagram Lovers!


Do you love tarot?

Do you want to learn astrology?

Curious about the link between these two sacred arts?

Today I’m starting a new Instagram series that shows the astrology behind all 78 cards. Every day I’ll post one card, its astrological counterpart, and how you can use that connection in your own readings . We’ll start with the Major Arcana, then work our way through the minors (Cups, Swords, Wands, and Pentacles).

If you want to step up your divination game, knowing how the stars and cards intertwine is a must.

Sound like fun? Follow along using the hashtag #starsandcards!

On Empowerment and the Libra New Moon


This morning at 2:14 AM EST, the moon renewed herself in Libra.

Traditionally, it’s time for new beginnings in relationships. Intentions are set for new lovers, business partners, and soul friendships.

But what about our relationship to ourselves?

Under today’s Libra moon, I invite you to ponder this:

How is your relationship to yourself?

Do you really know her? Have you two talked in a while? If not, take her out for coffee or high tea, or even a whiskey. You deserve it. Court her. Love her. Adore her. Indulge. Venus is getting cozy with the moon this time around, so a little luxury is certainly in order.

Earlier this week I went through the first half of Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map workbook, one of my all-time favorite introspection tools. Her theory is that instead of focusing on external goals, you should first decide how you want to feel and use those feelings as a compass for your choices. After several days of journeying deep into my personal underworld, I returned to the light with the following words:





As I sat with them, I realized: these words are also a rallying cry for the new moon in Libra.

Right now, there’s a Grand Fire Trine coming into alignment. Can you feel the embers glowing? Mars in Sagittarius wants infinite possibility, Uranus in Aries cries out for personal nourishment, and Jupiter in Leo seeks creative expression. And when you embrace all three together? That’s a recipe for empowerment.

Empowerment doesn’t have to be about gaining power over others. Ultimately, it’s about honoring your personal power. As my dear friend Paige reminded me today, it’s not something you have to go out and get. Let this delicious Libra moon be an opportunity to let empowerment flow through you.

Are you a tarot lover? Ask your deck: “What can I do to come into better relationship with myself?”. Or, put more simply, “What can I do today to show myself a little love?”

Happy Libra new moon, and blessed equinox! XX

Image credit: Death to Stock Photography